High Temperature Testing under Vacuum / Inertgas

Innovative materials are in demand in many sectors of industries and technology.
In the field of Aircraft and Aerospace, Energy, Defence and others new high temperature materials and high-performance materials
are of utmost importance to increase efficiency and to extend the life time of turbines, reactors and many other components.
Additionally, some qualification testing as in the field of aeronautic & space qualification requires mechanical testing in extreme temperatures. For such and other demanding application we are offering a range of high temperature vacuum test systems suiting your application and mate- rials including, but not limited to nickel alloys, super alloys, ceramic, ceramic matrix composites, graphite or refractory materials.

Available are systems for mechanical testing at high and ultra-high temperatures in vacuum and inert gas atmosphere with
unique features. We produce systems for tensile, compression, flexure and fracture mechanical tests at conducting or non-conducting

As tests requirements varies depending on materials to be tested and applied standard's we are producing application focused test systems for different
temperatures and heating methods including resistive furnaces, inductive heating, electrical resistive heating and radiation heating.
The High Temperature Vacuum / Inertgas Chambers can be integrated into electromechanical as well as servohydraulic test systems.

Typical application includes:
• Tensile Testing
• Compression Test
• Flexural / Bending Tests
• LCF Tests
• Fracture Thoughness or Fatigue Crack Growth Test

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