Propshaft - Driveshaft Centre Support Bearing Testing

The driveshaft, also known as propeller-shaft, tail shaft or Cardan-shaft is a component of vehicle’s drive system, and its purpose is to transfer torque from engine to the rear wheels.
The engine will pass rotation to the shaft and then to wheels. The problem is that rear suspension during the ride is moving in relation to the engine. That is why drive shaft cannot be constructed as one solid element and needs additional components to work correctly also while suspension movement.

The centre bearing keeps the shaft in the correct position and attaches it to the chassis or body via rubber and metal mountings. This reduces vibration and helps to protect against bending and vertical changes. The static and dynamic testing of the driveshaft centre support bearing units contributes to an accurate prediction of the operating characteristics of individual designs. The requirements of such automotive parts are an adequate service life and an ability to function under all peak load situations. The target is to study all aspects of the support bearing as bearing and rubber life, flange fatigue, stresses etc.

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