Raised access floors testing according to EN 12825

This standard specifies the characteristics and performance requirements of raised access floors for which the main intended use is the internal fitting out of buildings, providing full access to the services to the plenum.
It is applicable to modular, factorymade flooring elements, comprising panels and pedestals and defines the test methods and measurement. It provides for the evaluation of conformity of the product to this European Standard.

We are offering the suitable Testing Machine to perform the static testing in accordance with EN 12825. The LFM-C Testing Machine for raised access floors testing offers a wide test space to accommodate the panels.
The electromechanical central actuator can be moved cross the upper crosshead enable to introduce the compressive force everywhere on the panel. The lower large T-slot platen offers the required flexibility for panel testing.
These LFM-C Test Systems are well suited for digital closedloop testing in force, stress, displacement, strain and any other control modes including calculated, virtual channels. Compatible with a wide range of grips & fixtures, extensometers and other accessories these testing machines perform tensile, compression, flex/ bend, shear, peel and other mechanical tests within testing machine.

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