Servohydraulic Dynamic Low Force Testing System Type LFV 5 kN

Ankle-Foot Wear Simulator for Lower Limb Prosthetics Testing according to ISO 22675 and ISO 10328.
Our servohydraulic two axis simulator is designed to perform testing of ankle-toot devices and foot units in accordance with ISO 22675 and ISO 10328.
The test system that performs closed loop control of the axial actuator as well as tilting platform is designed to fulfil the static and dynamic test requirements with synchronized test profiles according to
ISO 22675.
The high-stiffness tilt table is designed to cover the range of positions required by the standard and provide together with our digital control system and specialized application software synchronized
loading to P6-8 levels.
The tilt table if fixed onto machines t-slot table and can removed when the test system shall be used for other types of static or dynamic tests.


  • Designed to fully comply with ISO 22675 and ISO 10328
  • Covers the static and dynamic test requirements
  • Can deliver P6-P8 loading
  • High stiffness 2-column-construction with vibration-free mounted machine base
  • Electrical movable upper crosshead for easy and quick test setup
  • T-slots for mounting of components and special testing devices
  • Testing device with base plate for the simulation of the tilting angle synchronized with force application on the tibia
  • Tilt Table can be removed for other static to dynamic testing
  • Separate free standing hydraulic power pack
  • 2-channel control with digital controller Series PCS8000-T2 and Testing Software DION7
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