Slow Strain Rate Testing Machines Series SSRT

We are offering Testing Machines for Slow Strain Rate Testing (SSRT), Constant Extension Rate Testing (CERT) Corrosion Fatigue Testing (CF), Ripple Slow Strain Rate Testing (RSSRT) also known as Cyclic Slow Strain Rate test (CSSRT), and other testing machines to suit your specific requirements.
Tests involves testing of tensile and other specimens at very low strain rates.
We have developed test systems that offers extreme high mechanical and electronic resolution with backlash-free electromechanical drive combined with rigid load frame design.
Unique Electromechanical Drive Technology
The machine includes a central electromechanical drive that provides, as servo-hydraulic test system, and in-line load train from the drive through grip system, the sample, the load cell and alignment fixture providing best possible sample alignment.

The central spindle is a backlash-free ball screw with prestressed ball nut and backlash free torsion security device. The drive is driven by a brushless AC Servomotor providing maintenance-free, high responsive and high accurate control at an extremely low noise level. The AC servomotor provides continuous testing up to nominal force. In order we can reach the extreme high mechanical resolution the drive is further equipped with a backlash free gearbox with ultralarge reduction ratio. The gear-reduction is optimized to reach maximum needed speed with optimized mechanical resolution for the best and control accuracy with highest mechanical resolution.
With an experience of more than 30 years we provide the spindle system complete bedded in oil resulting in reduce friction for the best control accuracy even at lowest stain levels and extend lifetime.

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