Testing Systems for Beamlines

w+b has a solid track record of experience in designing and implementing combined testing systems at radiation facilities and research centres.

Based on this long experience, w+b can offer suitable custom-tailored solutions, wherein various scale and complexity of testing systems are a driving force.
Mechanical deformation tests on materials yield great deal of knowledge to engineers. Additionally, the combination of deformation systems with high temperature furnaces enables the simulation of various operation conditions to those the materials are typically exposed. Macroscopic deformation studies are not the limit here. View on materials properties on the atomic scale using radiation diffraction methods and the ability to monitor atomic behaviour in-situ during mechanical deformation and heating, provide materials scientists with tremendously relevant information and thus boost the materials research and development field. In-situ applications of testing systems as well in combination with various sample environments finds high demand both at neutron and X-ray radiation beamlines.
All presented testing systems, from 0.2 kN up to 200 kN, are custom-made and fully meet complex requirements of customers. 
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