Testing of Slings, Straps, Belts, Chains and its End-Fittings

Products for lifting of heavy parts, to secure your freight for the road-borne, rail-born, water-borne, or airborne transport or products that ensure safe working in heights needs to meet the highest quality standard. Testing of such products is fundamental to ensure safety.
We are producing electromechanical as well as servo-hydraulic tests systems designed for the determination of the tensile strengths of slings, straps, belts, ropes, chains and its end-fittings that assure you reliable and repeatable testing.
Our Test Systems are well suited for digital closed-loop testing in force, stress, displacement, strain and any other control modes including calculated, virtual channels.

Our electromechanical or servohydraulic solutions includes high-resolution and high-speed w+b controls, static load frames, a broad portfolio of complement accessories and easy-to-use Dion7 application software package complying with international standards.

Standards and Tests (not limited to)

  • Tensile Strength
  • Lifting Straps EN 1492-1
  • Roundslings EN 1492-2
  • Chain Slings EN 818-4
  • Lashing Straps EN 12195-2
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