Three-Direktional Crash Element Calibration System

Road traffic accidents kill more than one million people a year, injuring another thirty-eight million (5 million of them seriously). The death toll
on the world's roadways renders driving the number one cause of death and injury for young people aged 15 to 44. With the introduction of
airbags and crash-testing, the number of people killed and injured by motor vehicles has decreased in many countries.
Crash Segments with their integrated crash force elements measure the impact forces in crash tests, e.g. in automobile developments. These segments can consist of up to 100 crash force elements where each individual crash force element measures 3 orthogonal forces The current NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) standards for crash tests require that crash barriers have a flexible configuration for 100 % frontal or offset crash test).
With this number of 3-component crash force elements the recalibration on the customer's site needs to be simple and speedy for minimum

This very compact calibration system is designed to be moved on customer's site for recalibration of the Crash Force Elements or other Three-Component Triaxial Force Link Products. The unit can calibrate the measuring elements in 3 orthogonal directions, X, Y and Z,with fully automatic calibration procedure within the same fixation.
Apart from the calibration station the system features a working station where the elements can be prepared and another one to unscrew them from the calibration fixture. The calibration fixtures have integrated interfaces and direct connections to the force elements so that no cables need to be removed from the Crash Wall.

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