Wheel Rim Testing Machine 200 kN

We are producing specialized test systems for static to dynamic testing of Tires & Wheels and its parts as Rim, Wheel Disc or Hub.
This 200 kN Electromechanical Test System is designed for testing of Wheel Rim comply but not limited to the following standards:
  • Test method for deformation strength of Tire-Mounded Disc Wheel Rim with load application in vertical direction.
    Toyota Test Standard No.: TSD5611G
  • Test method for compression of Aluminium Disc Wheel Inner Rim
    Toyota Test Standard No.: TSD5616G
  • Determination of the rigidity of Wheel Rims
    GOST Test Standard No.: 30599

The machine design allows easy mounting of the wheels and quick exchange of the different loading tools.
The wheel jig with related axle hub fitting is mounted on spring loaded rollers enables to withdrawn the jig to the rear side of the machine when not used.
For the force measurement and control a high-precision load cell is integrated and supported in order integrated side loads are absorbed.

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