Multifunctional Remote Control Hand Set with Touch-Screen

The Remote Control Hand Set with LCD Touch-Screen offers convenient Test Set-up and Operation of the Test System. The remote control is fully programmable which makes it extremely versatile. According to the application the unit offers functionality beyond the common preassigned ones for advanced operational comfort.
The Remote Control can be located on the working table or mounted on the load frame. The Digital Display can be rotated 180° whatever is preferred cable bottom-down or upwards.
The remote control unit comply with the CE safety standards for material testing applications. Accordingly the unit offers the hardware key to activate the set up mode with reduced piston or crosshead speed as simple software limitation is not as just limiting of piston speed is accepted for systems with speeds above 1200mm/min.

From Single to Mulit-Channel Testing
The romote control is used in connection with one PCS8000 for single channel control application as well as for mulit-channel
configurations where multiple PCS8000 are involved.

Some Functions:

  • Display of up to three (3) channels (example Force / Piston Stroke / Strain)
  • Zeroing of control and measurement channels
  • Piston or Crosshead Movement via trimmfunction
  • Adjustable piston or crosshead speed
  • Unclamping of movable crossheads with crosshead positioning
  • Opening and closing of hydraulic, pneumatic or motorized grips
  • Display brightness adjustment
  • Rotation of display
  • Integrated Emergency STOP
  • Key-Switch to activate the setting mode according to the new CE Machine directive for testing machines or actuators.
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