Ultra-High-Speed & High Resolution Digital Controller PCS8000

This modular and fully versatile digital controller represents the latest generation of extremely powerful controllers specially designed for the full spectrum of applications ranging from materials and component tests to complex multi-axis (multi-channel) simulation.
The PCS8000 can be successfully implemented in all types of systems starting from monotonic electromechanical testing machines and single channel actuators to multiaxial electrodynamic or servohydraulic systems and multi-channel test stands.
This controller is the 4th generation of the multi-channel PCS digital controllers family with the consequent enhancement and continuous implementation of customers' inputs and feedbacks. Its hundredfold successfull installations across the globe show us the particular interest of customers in complex and dynamic systems.

The PCS8000 possesses an ultra-high-speed 14.4 kHz closed loop control and data acquisition rate on all channels, and is combined with 24 bit high resolution transducer conditioning rate that is achieved by 64 bit processor running at 1 GHz.

As controlled channels are not only physical ones (introduced inputs) but as well virtual (calculated) channels, this might give many new opportunities to your system to reach the highest level of complexity. The versatile concept of the PCS8000 is based on the latest technology, and the unit supports applications virtually with no limits.

The PCS8000 is highly modular and allows the easy extension of controlled channels or the interconnection with already available PCS8000 controllers to a common multi-channel control system.

The controller outstands by its multifunctionality, flexible and reliable operation, and due to its execution from endurable materials it suits well for harsh industrial environment. The controller is excellently complemented by w+b advanced Dion7 Software Family for mechanical testing and simulations.

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